Any Good Thing

Take a kaleidoscopic journey through the folksongs of the Northlands, from the stark realism and gallows humour of 19th century mining communities, to the fantastical epics and bloodcurdling ballads of the mythical mediaeval North.

Told with energy, humour, music and song, ‘Any Good Thing’ dives below the surface to find out what makes a good folk-tale tick.

Drawing inspiration from the North East, we mix theatre with live music, puppetry, physical performance and anything that suits! This show has been developed with the kind support of the Arts Council, Jack Drum Arts and Northern Stage’s First in Three.

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Mike and Katie Mike and Tom

Feedback from our first scratch performance at Sacriston Church in September 2012.

‘An excellent production with [a] fascinating ‘alternative’ take on some well-known songs.’

‘Funny, dramatic, violent and memorable.’

‘Very imaginative… The story becomes bold and stark.’

‘The use of specifically North East sensibility is great.’

‘How many times does one hear similar stories/tales/songs? – But this time it really came to life and hit home.’

‘Music and singing was super.’

‘So delighted to see these young people at this stage in their lives. I think they showed remarkable skills.’

‘Just most spellbinding and enjoyable.’

‘Plenty of talent here.’

‘Songs, voices – wow!’

‘Moved me to tears.’

‘When are you releasing the first single?’


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