The Pirates of Haweeba

‘The Pirates of Haweeba’ is a comedy show, about two clueless, stranded pirates desperate for love and a way off the island. Join our unorthodox heroes as they swash and buckle their way around the island of Haweeba in search of salvation. Avast! They will find maps, Queen Crabs and wreckage including the ships cannon, which may or may not be working!

Backscratch are delighted to be able to develop the pirate show Tom and Mike performed for the Durham Scouts at their CONFIDO event in 2013. Yes, where has the time gone?

Running at 45 minutes, this show is perfect for venues and street theatre alike. Using music, dance, stage combat and just a little bit of Boom! ‘The Pirates of Haweeba’ is ideal for audiences of any age.

If you know of anywhere that you think this show would be perfect for, please get in touch using our Contact Us page.

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